Which paper fits best for photos on a wall?

A user of the Сanon MG7120 printer wanted to print photos and hang them on a wall in a photo frame to make it look like a professional photographer’s output.

He also asked what was the best paper, in a photo frame without glass.

Our answer

With a small format printer like the Сanon MG7120, your output is limited to 8½x11in or A4 in size. There are ways in which you can make bigger pictures even with an office format printer.

First you asked about paper. Your choice depends on the way you want to mount it. Take a look at Jetmaster. You can produce a number of panels and set them together to make a larger picture. Furthermore, you do not have to use canvas (which is difficult to feed into smaller printers), several papers being suitable. Probably the best is Innova Art’s canvas-like paper. For more about Jetmaster* click here.

There are other ways – laminating a glossy print for example. Alternatively you can do a panel, also available from Jetmaster. But that does not lend itself to larger displays using multiple panels. You can, though, be more flexible on paper.


However, make sure that you use a pigmented ink and archival paper if you want a durable picture.

* We are based in the UK. If you are in the USA or Canada please find a source using Google. In Continental Europe Jetmaster and Innova papers are available from Arca in Holland.

Can Compatible Ink cause Print Heads to Block

Reply to Question on Printerknowledge Forum

Some years ago there were real problems caused by ‘cogation’, the deposit of dried ink on a thermistor in a print head. As a supplier of compatible cartridges we had to replace a number of print heads, mainly for the Canon BJ300 and 800 printers. We believe Canon had this problem too.

Bad ink can still cause problems. Most ink is good – but I have heard many horror stories, mostly from China. I always recommend that users go to a reputable supplier. They know which are the good Chinese manufacturers and these use good ink.



My company was once Europe’s largest master distributor of compatible inkjet cartridges, bringing in 160,000 units every week. Now, Incartek sells a full range of cartridges for Epson and Hewlett Packard, manufactured by Ninestar (G&G Brand). Ninestar is probably China’s best resourced company in the supplies industry.

Daniel Roberts
Ink Cartridge Technologies Ltd