Innova FibaPrint(TM) Digital Photographic Papers


Innova Art Ltd’s highly acclaimed award winning FibaPrint range has been designed as a digital solution to the traditional fibre based baryta papers used in the conventional darkroom. These papers have a special microporous gloss coating specifically for photographic reproduction and high quality fine art print applications. These provided coating range from a matte, through semi-matte to an ultra gloss finish, with the texture and feel of the art paper base giving it a quality ‘as close to any traditional fibre photo paper as I have seen’, as one renowned photographer said. The acid inhibiting crystal layer technology makes it the perfect digital photographic paper with an extremely large colour gamut and D-max rating of up to 2.7.

In 2003, when Innova began work on a fibre-based gloss photo paper, the target was to combine digital paper printing technology, at that point associated with matte inkjet papers only, with the right chemistry to produce a glossy digital art paper which gave optimal reproduction of photographic – colour and especially black and white – images. The first step was to find the right paper, a task that was made simple by modern improvements to Titanium dioxide. Unlike barium sulphate ‘Baryta (or bariet)’ type papers which have since been launched onto the market, Innova chose a smooth, fibre-based paper with a titanium dioxide base. Innova opted for a version with and without optical brightener in order to accommodate our customers’ tastes both for warmer, natural and bluish, brighter whites.

Innova recognised that many existing microporous inkjet coatings were very brittle and could possibly crack on a flexible, fibre-based paper. Now this has been elimitated with acid inhibiting crystal, the Innova FibaPrint range is the most comprehensive offering of digital fibre-based papers on the market today.

We now have a fibre based inkjet paper that, combined with the most advanced inksets, produces outstanding images. The TIPA Award for Best Independent Inkjet Paper, and four DIMA Awards in 2007 is a measure of the rapturous response it has received from photographers worldwide.


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