About Daniel Roberts

With nearly 50 years experience in commodity (mostly aftermarket) IT and supplies especially digital photographic and printing – a retiree’s helping hand and a listening ear.

 Daniel RobertsNow mainly seeking with God’s help to encourage fellow Christians, professional business or otherwise with the confusion which besets Christendom – see blog http://www.adayofsmallthings.com

Where I can help:

1. How to make money in ink, toner and paper, digital and photographic printing.
2. My experience of working with the Chinese
3. Writing and evaluating business plans
4. in seeking to be a Christian first and a business man second.


Daniel Roberts is a well known figure in the European electronic supplies and peripheral products industries. A consultant to it since 1987 he provided strategic guidance to Kodak, Verbatim, Memorex, EMC², ICI Imagedata – some projects as an associate of Arthur D. Little.

Since 2006 has run Incartek (Ink Cartrige Technologies Ltd), providing strategic consulting services and till end 2011 running a chain of web stores in digital photographic software and supplies.

In late 1996 he established distribution company compatible inkjet cartridges. The Container Club was Europe’s largest master distributor of compatible cartridges.

Photo Explosion
Photo Explosion

Prior to 1987 he was Director of Product Planning for Unisys EAD Director of Planning Memorex International

City University, London – economics, statistics and MSc management science. Chartered Management Accountant (Qualified); speaks five European languages.

Above all – A lover of the Lord Jesus who guides me in business and personally.

Specialties: digital photographic paper, digital printing, album design software, e-commerce
Business Planning, aftermarket, buying from China, inkjet, toner, printer, photographic, paper, products, statistician, economist, Business Planning, Business Relationships, JN Darby, pre-trib,


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