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Make your own Photo Art Christmas/Birthday/Greeting Cards – sell them too!

chrismas-card-rochester-castleMake your own greeting cards from your own photos using the best photo art paper available.

Whether Christmas cards, birthday cards, photo cards, artistic cards, wedding cards, baby cards – they all give so much more pleasure if you use printable greeting card stock from Incartek.  They also show you treasure the subject and value the recipient.

Handmade greeting cards are popular.  But we do not have the time. Incartek’s printable greeting cards will be as – maybe more acceptable.

Print the highest quality pictures on the front and back – with terrific colour depth – high gamut and dmax.  Print vivid text and block graphics in the centre spread.


Sell your Own Printed Greeting Cards too!

You create photographic or fine art works that people are prepared to pay for.  You know the value of greeting cards of superior quality – but the quantity makes traditional printing too expensive – you now have the answer!


Wedding Photographers – A Greeting Card Idea

Suppement your photo sales with greeting cards – thank you cards – or next year’s Christmas card from the wedding.  Make up and print the cards yourself.  Your clients will happily pay!


So many cards..


Christmas Cards – Make your own Christmas cards using our printable Christmas Card stock

Birthday Cards – Make your own birthday cards using our printable birthday card stock

Get well Cards – Make your own holiday cards using our printable holiday card stock

Thank you Cards – Make your own thank you cards using our printable thank you card stock

Baby Cards – Make your own baby cards using our printable baby card stock

Picture Cards – Make your own picture cards using our printable picture card stock

Wedding cards and wedding invitation cards – Make your own wedding invitation cards using our printable wedding invitation card stock

Christening cards, sympathy cards, valentine cards, Easter cards, graduation cards, congratulatory cards, fine art cards, presentation cards – the list is endless, the potential to use Incartek fine art paper greeting cards too.

(of course the stock is the same whatever the card!)

Select your Cards Stock Now


Cards are packed in boxes of 100 cards, with envelopes.  If you have a bulk greeting card requirement please e-mail us. 

Innova Greeting Cards


We look forward to your first order.

Printing Fine Art for Pleasure or Profit

Fine art printing is a good source of income – and pleasure.

Innova_photo_Art_Paper_5Professional photographers need more income,  amateurs can make a little too!

There are professional photographic printers and printing bureaux using wide format inkjet printers.  Some are Incartek’s customers as we supply some of the finest digital art papers available (from Innova Art).

However you may feel you cannot justify the investment in wide format printing.  But there is a lot you can do yourself.  This is especially true if you wish to give fast turnaround service and your customers want pictures of size up to A3 (or A3 Plus).

  1. Get yourself a good printer.  The Epson R2400 has been around for years,  But it is still listed by Epson, selling for $1299 – much more than it was in the UK.  This must be a  testimonial to its popularity.  You can buy one for £100 or less on eBay.
  1. Use first class ink. Of course we recommend Ninestar G&G.  Check out the website
  1. Use the right paper– and paper is probably the most important element in the whole question.  – The Photo Art and Fine Art ranges from Innova are best.
  1. Use the ICC profiles appropriate to your printer, ink and paper.  Profiles for paper sold by OPUSalbums are available – see




Printing on Canvas

Given thInnova_Canavas_Papaer_1e progress in inkjet and media technology, demand for printing photographs and art on canvas is growing exponentially. Whether you have a good inkjet printer or you prefer to have your work done by a professional outfit, it is worth to explore this option for any type of image.

Artists regularly order limited edition prints on canvas and watercolour papers to sell to collectors. These reproductions usually are signed and are accompanied by a COA (Certificate of authenticity). Buyers are very receptive to purchasing canvas prints they can hang up without a protective glass, without worrying about scratches and water damage.

The texture of a fine art canvas is unparalleled in beauty; a protective coating is applied on top to give the substrate a matte, lustre or glossy look. If you prefer to experiment with this material to see the results, canvas sheets are available at many stores that carry inkjet products.

Polycotton canvas is available in ultra gloss and matte finishes for photographic art reproduction and in fine art matte optimised for inkjet art reproduction. In addition there is canvas effect paper – really paper but with the texture of canvas. This is easier to feed in sheet form, particularly for smaller sheets such as A3 and A4.

The differences between a home desktop printer and a professional one are many but I will focus on the most important. First, commercial machines can be outfitted with pigmented inks; these inks differ from dye inks commonly found in the cheap home printers because they are archival and will not fade for decades. Dyes on the other hand will start losing brilliance in a matter of months. There are some home use printers now that offer a form of hybrid dye/pigment system. The second difference is the nozzle quality; pro level systems have extremely sophisticated nozzles that can render a very fine dot and exceptional tonal rendition.

The process of printing on fine art materials such as canvas and watercolor papers is referred to as “giclée”. Giclée is a french term that loosely translated means “sprayed on”. It refers to the nozzles which spray ink onto the paper. Giclée printing involves some of the characteristics described above and it is usually performed by professional shops, but it is possible to do this in your own place with little more than a high end inkjet printer. It mostly depends on the print format.

With the latest papers and a good inkjet printer you are able to do this at home – or in a studio. An A2/3 printer such as the Epson 2400 or 3800 is fine. The two most well-known suppliers of paper are Innova (with whom we have a close relationship) and Hahnemühle, though there are more restricted ranges from other manufacturers and the printer manufacturers.

© Daniel Roberts – this may be reproduced in whole or part – so long as the source is acknowledged and a link to Incartek is provided.

72dpi_fine-art-roll-and-sheet-product_IFA35-300x300Innova Products

The Innova digital canvas range provides a selection of exciting and unique products which will transform the output of your images onto canvas and cut down on finishing time. The smooth woven surface of this polycotton canvas has been coated with a microporous gloss coating which is similar to the gloss coating we use on the Innova FibaPrint range of papers. Therefore Innova achieves an extremely high good gloss and matte coatings which enhance colour gamut, and d-max in the dark areas of a print, whilst the smooth weave keeps detail needed in photographic images. The Microporous coating results in a very flexible canvas which is excellent for stretching and framing. It is easy to stretch and there is no cracking on the corners.

Innova digital canvas products are offered in roll format only. Paper feeding of cut sheet canvas products is not reliable enough. The use of cut sheet paper is therefore not recommended. Wider formats (36″-914mm and 44″-1136mm) are available on request.

Here are some products you might like to try:

Innova Photo Art Papers

Innova paper

Innova has developed the Photo Art Collection of digital photographic papers to allow the photographer the same consistency when producing their creative work, with accurate colour and the high impact expected from today’s digital inkjet printer, on a true archival art paper. Unlike standard photographic media, we unite photography with the artistry of classical natural papers to provide creative freedom for photographers and digital artists alike.

These Photographic products have been specifically designed to address the growing need of the Photographic community and are natural grade, acid free papers, precision coated for Photographic inkjet applications.

Each paper has been developed to enhance the work of a wide variety of artistic styles. Black and white, colour, portraits, landscape, abstract, computer generated and restoration work can be printed with dramatic results.

The Innova collection offers materials that produce classic images and timeless beauty with each photograph. The Photo Line products are readily available in cut sheet and roll format for wide format and desktop printing. Textures range from smooth to matt in bright white and warm colour bases.

Other similar papers include the Photo Rag from Hahenmühle

The double sided smooth cotton high white paper is available from Incartek




Innova Art Textured Papers for Fine art and Digital Photography

fineartpicThe Innova Fine Art Collection offers the artist an avenue to express creativity and beauty in the output by providing a wide range of papers, so you can match the artwork to the paper texture and weight.

But it is not just for fine art. The soft textured papers make the paper ideal for photography where the softer atmosphere is desired. It makes an excellent wedding photo paper, paper for glamour photography and the like. It will bring out the bride at her best. That is why the Innova double sided soft texure natural white paper is used in OPUS albums.

The original art papers have been coated to provide consistent colour reproduction and very wide gamut while maintaining the look and feel that photographic artists expect.

Each material has been specifically developed to produce or reproduce the work, highlighting the creativity the artist originally envisioned. Watercolour, etchings, pastel, acrylic and a wide variety of other traditional techniques can be accurately reproduced as giclees, limited edition prints, restorations, display copies or original output. As this is a wide range of applications, we manufacture a range of papers single side coated. Textures range from rough to smooth in natural white and warm base colours. Cotton canvas and archive grade boards are available, to add further choice to the wide variety of applications that inkjet printing provides.

The Innova papers offer materials that produce classic images and timeless beauty with each print. The Art Line is available for wide format printing in roll sizes of 24 – 60″ (610-1524mm) and cut sheet sizes up to from A4, through A3 and A3+ to A2.

Innova paperIt is a good alternative to Hewlett Packard (HP’s) Aquarelle

For more information on INNOVA Textured Papers click here

For more information on INNOVA Wide format Papers click here

Innova FibaPrint(TM) Digital Photographic Papers


Innova Art Ltd’s highly acclaimed award winning FibaPrint range has been designed as a digital solution to the traditional fibre based baryta papers used in the conventional darkroom. These papers have a special microporous gloss coating specifically for photographic reproduction and high quality fine art print applications. These provided coating range from a matte, through semi-matte to an ultra gloss finish, with the texture and feel of the art paper base giving it a quality ‘as close to any traditional fibre photo paper as I have seen’, as one renowned photographer said. The acid inhibiting crystal layer technology makes it the perfect digital photographic paper with an extremely large colour gamut and D-max rating of up to 2.7.

In 2003, when Innova began work on a fibre-based gloss photo paper, the target was to combine digital paper printing technology, at that point associated with matte inkjet papers only, with the right chemistry to produce a glossy digital art paper which gave optimal reproduction of photographic – colour and especially black and white – images. The first step was to find the right paper, a task that was made simple by modern improvements to Titanium dioxide. Unlike barium sulphate ‘Baryta (or bariet)’ type papers which have since been launched onto the market, Innova chose a smooth, fibre-based paper with a titanium dioxide base. Innova opted for a version with and without optical brightener in order to accommodate our customers’ tastes both for warmer, natural and bluish, brighter whites.

Innova recognised that many existing microporous inkjet coatings were very brittle and could possibly crack on a flexible, fibre-based paper. Now this has been elimitated with acid inhibiting crystal, the Innova FibaPrint range is the most comprehensive offering of digital fibre-based papers on the market today.

We now have a fibre based inkjet paper that, combined with the most advanced inksets, produces outstanding images. The TIPA Award for Best Independent Inkjet Paper, and four DIMA Awards in 2007 is a measure of the rapturous response it has received from photographers worldwide.


Sheffield Park on Photo Art Album

For the full range of Innova papers click here

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Photo & Art Papers – Tell us what YOU think, please

Innova paper Innova has a wide range of products. There are also competitive products. Choosing which one is important. We would like to invite you to submit your experiences in choosing the best product within Innova and Olmec – and choosing which between Innova/Olmec and compeitors such as Hahenmülhe, Ilford/Harman Graphics, Kenmere etc – as well as the printer OEM’s – Epson, HP, Canon, Kodak etc.

Your experience is valuable.

Email me personally at 



Olmec or Fibaprint Archival Paper?

Innova paper72dpi_olmec-category-text-300x300
The OLMEC 230gsm Archival Matte Paper is a really excellent archival matte paper, with many satisfied users. Incartek lists this paper at £3.83 per square metre.

The Innova FibaPrint IFA39 White Matte paper 280gsm is a really excellent archival matte paper, with many satisfied users. Incartek lists this paper at £11.34 per square metre.
How ever do we justify the difference.

Both products are excellent. They both have an exceptionally smooth surface. Many people will look at the image on the Olmec product and be very pleased. But for really excllent results the Innova Art Fibaprint (TM) product cannot be beaten. It is produced with a far more costly process – and the difference is visible.

– The Innova FibaPrint product has a far greater gamut. This is particularly visible in the area of dark shadows.

– Innvova FibaPint has a higher DMAX rating

– The Innova FibaPrint paper is produced on the Fourdrinier process so that the fibres all flow the same way. This increases the fineness of the print.

– Innova FibaPrint is a true bareit-type paper

– Whilst both papers have good archival qualities the Olmec product is classified as “Acid neutral”, and the OBA-free Innova paper “Acid free”. The latter is superior.

– There is clearly a difference in weight and therefore feel quality, durability etc.

– Many of the world’s top photographers swear by the Innova paper.

– And finally only the Innova Fibaprint benefits from the Innova technology which has led to its winning a number of TIPA and DIMA awards fior digital fine art and photographic archival papers

Ultimately the choice is yours.

Incartek & Innova Art

Innova_photo_Art_Paper_5Innova Art is one of the most acclaimed manufacturers of digital art papers. Incartek is proud to be associated with them. Innova has three paper brands – Innova, FibaPrint and OLMEC

This blog gives tips and ideas and reviews for anybody printing digital photography professionally – albums, sheets or wide format.

You are welcome to contribute. Feel free to comment. To become a post author please e-mail me

About INCARTEK Link to Site

For the creative-type, for the professional photographer and for the graphic artist serious amateur , look at the full range of our Innova Art and OLMEC digital photographic papers. You can buy the Innova Fibaprint photographic, digital art white and textured papers in packs from A4 to A2 (and rolls) – fully supported with ICC profiles. – Canvas too! These papers are ideal for albums, prints, displays – anything that needs something more than ordinary photo-glossy stock.


About Innova Art – link to Site

Innova Art’s philosophy is to bring cutting edge technology to quality Fine Art and photographic papers for the professional photographer, artist and printmaker. The recent addition of the FibaPrint range of digital ‘barite’ alternatives has revolutionised the digital darkroom for the photographer, and has heralded not the death of the darkroom, but its ‘re-birth’. Other innovative products make up the Innova portfolio, and include Opus albums and Digital Book Art papers.

The JETMASTER Gallery Wrap System

Start making your own Gallery Wraps today – Easily – quickly using ANY Paper or Canvas

3D panels in minutes: the JetMaster Display System

One of the fastest sellers in today’s sign and graphics market has been the ‘gallery wrap’. 3D décor images make an impact wherever they are displayed – whether on trade fair stands or in-store presentations.

Jetmster display system

Up till now, however, they haven’t always been easy to manufacture and they could be costly too. Which is why the new JetMaster Display System is such an important innovation.

Produce your own Gallary Wraps or Display Mounts Yourself at a Fraction of the Cost of a Stretched Frame – and just as Elegant

With JetMaster you can make, durable, lightweight gallery wraps or mounted displays in minutes, with no special tools – just a craft knife and a cutting surface. The base is a pre-cut, pre-laminate adhesive coated corrugated board to which you simply trim and adhere your print, and fold over the edges. No bubbles, untidy corners, staples or hooks. A fully assembled JetMaster ‘gallery wrap’ is so light it can be hung from just one tack.

Use your own Paper or Canvas – No stretching
Most gallary wrap systems require the use of canvas – which has to be stretched on to the frame. Canvas is difficult to feed in sheets and is more expensive than the best quality papersjor advant .One of the greatest advantages of age of Jetmaster is that you can use any paper or canvas – you use the medium of your choice – paper, canvas – even offset printed or photocopied pictures or documents.

The base is a pre-cut, pre-laminated adhsive coated corrugated board; simply trim and press flat your print, and fold over the edges. No bubbles, no untidy corners, no staples and no hooks. A fully assembled JetMaster ‘gallery wrap’ is so light it can be hung from just one tack. It is moisture resistant and flame retardant too.

The result: a professionally looking display that is simple, effective and – just as importantly for you – low cost.