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Printing Fine Art for Pleasure or Profit

Fine art printing is a good source of income – and pleasure.

Innova_photo_Art_Paper_5Professional photographers need more income,  amateurs can make a little too!

There are professional photographic printers and printing bureaux using wide format inkjet printers.  Some are Incartek’s customers as we supply some of the finest digital art papers available (from Innova Art).

However you may feel you cannot justify the investment in wide format printing.  But there is a lot you can do yourself.  This is especially true if you wish to give fast turnaround service and your customers want pictures of size up to A3 (or A3 Plus).

  1. Get yourself a good printer.  The Epson R2400 has been around for years,  But it is still listed by Epson, selling for $1299 – much more than it was in the UK.  This must be a  testimonial to its popularity.  You can buy one for £100 or less on eBay.
  1. Use first class ink. Of course we recommend Ninestar G&G.  Check out the website http://www.incartek.com/incartek-your-ink-toner/cartridges-for-wide-format-epson-printers.html
  1. Use the right paper– and paper is probably the most important element in the whole question.  – The Photo Art and Fine Art ranges from Innova are best.
  1. Use the ICC profiles appropriate to your printer, ink and paper.  Profiles for paper sold by OPUSalbums are available – see http://www.innovaart.com/icc-profiles-1/