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Why lose your Most Valued Memories?

Old Picture Chaos
Old Picture Chaos

By Daniel Roberts,

As we progress in years we have more cherished memories – memories that we have captured on our camera. We like to go back over them, remembering the events, the places and the people.

But that presupposes we can view these pictures. Where are they now? Are those photos unreadable?

  1. In traditional photo albums – good – no problem at all.
  2. In shoe boxes – OK – not quite as viewer friendly
  3. Canisters of 35mm transparencies – hmmm –you cannot buy a lamp for that old projector
  4. Boxes of slides – hmmm – big job scanning these in – and the quality often isn’t great either
  1. On a computer – with terabytes of space, and a backup drive that never fails
  2. On CD’s – I personally have a pile which I cannot read any more (can anybody help?
  3. On an on-line service – Livedrive lost all the photos I uploaded. More about that in another blog post.

Oh and will Flikr, Dropbox etc. be around in 30 or 40 years’ time?

Incartek albums
Thankfully I have all my best photos in traditional photo albums – several hundred of them! Last winter I spent several evenings scanning them into my computer. A lot more to go. I will probably have to pay somebody to do the rest. And the quality is not as good.

And I am carrying on printing 4×6” (10x15cm) photos – and putting them into traditional albums. In 60 years these photos should still be around. I won’t be! That is what I recommend.

PS – Microsoft told me a few years ago that they could not guarantee that .jpg files and CD’s could be read in 2020 – just 6 year’s time!



Innova Photo Art Papers

Innova paper

Innova has developed the Photo Art Collection of digital photographic papers to allow the photographer the same consistency when producing their creative work, with accurate colour and the high impact expected from today’s digital inkjet printer, on a true archival art paper. Unlike standard photographic media, we unite photography with the artistry of classical natural papers to provide creative freedom for photographers and digital artists alike.

These Photographic products have been specifically designed to address the growing need of the Photographic community and are natural grade, acid free papers, precision coated for Photographic inkjet applications.

Each paper has been developed to enhance the work of a wide variety of artistic styles. Black and white, colour, portraits, landscape, abstract, computer generated and restoration work can be printed with dramatic results.

The Innova collection offers materials that produce classic images and timeless beauty with each photograph. The Photo Line products are readily available in cut sheet and roll format for wide format and desktop printing. Textures range from smooth to matt in bright white and warm colour bases.

Other similar papers include the Photo Rag from Hahenmühle

The double sided smooth cotton high white paper is available from Incartek




Innova FibaPrint(TM) Digital Photographic Papers


Innova Art Ltd’s highly acclaimed award winning FibaPrint range has been designed as a digital solution to the traditional fibre based baryta papers used in the conventional darkroom. These papers have a special microporous gloss coating specifically for photographic reproduction and high quality fine art print applications. These provided coating range from a matte, through semi-matte to an ultra gloss finish, with the texture and feel of the art paper base giving it a quality ‘as close to any traditional fibre photo paper as I have seen’, as one renowned photographer said. The acid inhibiting crystal layer technology makes it the perfect digital photographic paper with an extremely large colour gamut and D-max rating of up to 2.7.

In 2003, when Innova began work on a fibre-based gloss photo paper, the target was to combine digital paper printing technology, at that point associated with matte inkjet papers only, with the right chemistry to produce a glossy digital art paper which gave optimal reproduction of photographic – colour and especially black and white – images. The first step was to find the right paper, a task that was made simple by modern improvements to Titanium dioxide. Unlike barium sulphate ‘Baryta (or bariet)’ type papers which have since been launched onto the market, Innova chose a smooth, fibre-based paper with a titanium dioxide base. Innova opted for a version with and without optical brightener in order to accommodate our customers’ tastes both for warmer, natural and bluish, brighter whites.

Innova recognised that many existing microporous inkjet coatings were very brittle and could possibly crack on a flexible, fibre-based paper. Now this has been elimitated with acid inhibiting crystal, the Innova FibaPrint range is the most comprehensive offering of digital fibre-based papers on the market today.

We now have a fibre based inkjet paper that, combined with the most advanced inksets, produces outstanding images. The TIPA Award for Best Independent Inkjet Paper, and four DIMA Awards in 2007 is a measure of the rapturous response it has received from photographers worldwide.


Sheffield Park on Photo Art Album

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Photo & Art Papers – Tell us what YOU think, please

Innova paper Innova has a wide range of products. There are also competitive products. Choosing which one is important. We would like to invite you to submit your experiences in choosing the best product within Innova and Olmec – and choosing which between Innova/Olmec and compeitors such as Hahenmülhe, Ilford/Harman Graphics, Kenmere etc – as well as the printer OEM’s – Epson, HP, Canon, Kodak etc.

Your experience is valuable.

Email me personally at daniel@incartek.com 



Olmec or Fibaprint Archival Paper?

Innova paper72dpi_olmec-category-text-300x300
The OLMEC 230gsm Archival Matte Paper is a really excellent archival matte paper, with many satisfied users. Incartek lists this paper at £3.83 per square metre.

The Innova FibaPrint IFA39 White Matte paper 280gsm is a really excellent archival matte paper, with many satisfied users. Incartek lists this paper at £11.34 per square metre.
How ever do we justify the difference.

Both products are excellent. They both have an exceptionally smooth surface. Many people will look at the image on the Olmec product and be very pleased. But for really excllent results the Innova Art Fibaprint (TM) product cannot be beaten. It is produced with a far more costly process – and the difference is visible.

– The Innova FibaPrint product has a far greater gamut. This is particularly visible in the area of dark shadows.

– Innvova FibaPint has a higher DMAX rating

– The Innova FibaPrint paper is produced on the Fourdrinier process so that the fibres all flow the same way. This increases the fineness of the print.

– Innova FibaPrint is a true bareit-type paper

– Whilst both papers have good archival qualities the Olmec product is classified as “Acid neutral”, and the OBA-free Innova paper “Acid free”. The latter is superior.

– There is clearly a difference in weight and therefore feel quality, durability etc.

– Many of the world’s top photographers swear by the Innova paper.

– And finally only the Innova Fibaprint benefits from the Innova technology which has led to its winning a number of TIPA and DIMA awards fior digital fine art and photographic archival papers

Ultimately the choice is yours.