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We have been Vindicated!

Vint Cerf picAccording to the BBC, Vint Cerf, a “father of the internet”, and a VP of Google, says is worried that all the images and documents we have been saving on computers will eventually be lost as hardware, software, systems and on-line services become obsolete.

Currently a Google vice-president, he is concerned lest documents and  pictures that we’ve got been saving on computers might eventually be lost.

Currently a Google vice-president, he believes this might occur as hardware and software systembecome obsolete.

He is worried that generations to come might have very little or no record of the twenty first Century as we will have digitised everything and nothing will remain in hard copy.  We would  enter a “digital Dark Age”.



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Mr Cerf said this at a major science conference in San Jose, adding ,”You and I are experiencing things like this. Old formats of documents that we’ve created or presentations may not be readable by the latest version of the software because backwards compatibility is not always guaranteed.

“And so what can happen over time is that even if we accumulate vast archives of digital content, we may not actually know what it is.”

Our Answer
This vindicates us as to what we have been saying since 2007,  Then we wrote to Microsoft asking them to guarantee that we would be able to read JPG files in 2020 – then 13, now 5, years out.  We have a request out to Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Google on similar lines now.  It will be interesting to read their responses.
Meanwhile if we need to be sure that a document is readable – PRINT IT (Using the right paper and ink!)