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About Incartek



download_2_16Incartek provides a full range of quality paper and ink supplies at excellent prices for professional and serious amateur photographers and the users of wide format printers.  Working with first-rate companies such as  Ninestar (G&G) and Innova Art we offer consumables to produce photographs, designs, giclée prints, wall displays, signage, gallery wraps – even vehicle graphics

The roots of Incartek go back to 1990, when we introduced one of the first inkjet refill kits to Europe. Cartridges were simple in design and few in number, but even then consumers were being ripped off by the printer manufacturer.

The business evolved and the group of companies were involved in toner cartridge collection, compatible and recycled inkjet cartridges, inkjet paper and the components for toner cartridge recycling..

Ink Cartridge Technologies Ltd was incorporated to take over three patents in the design of inkjet cartridges.

 The company is owned and managed by Daniel Roberts, a veteran of the industry, having been involved in computers since 1963 when he was at university studying economics and statistics. Before becoming involved in printer supplies, he was Director of Planning for Memorex International, where he understood the need to provide compatible alternatives to the leaders (then IBM) as well as anybody. This experience lays behind Incartek today.




Olmec or Fibaprint Archival Paper?

Innova paper72dpi_olmec-category-text-300x300
The OLMEC 230gsm Archival Matte Paper is a really excellent archival matte paper, with many satisfied users. Incartek lists this paper at £3.83 per square metre.

The Innova FibaPrint IFA39 White Matte paper 280gsm is a really excellent archival matte paper, with many satisfied users. Incartek lists this paper at £11.34 per square metre.
How ever do we justify the difference.

Both products are excellent. They both have an exceptionally smooth surface. Many people will look at the image on the Olmec product and be very pleased. But for really excllent results the Innova Art Fibaprint (TM) product cannot be beaten. It is produced with a far more costly process – and the difference is visible.

– The Innova FibaPrint product has a far greater gamut. This is particularly visible in the area of dark shadows.

– Innvova FibaPint has a higher DMAX rating

– The Innova FibaPrint paper is produced on the Fourdrinier process so that the fibres all flow the same way. This increases the fineness of the print.

– Innova FibaPrint is a true bareit-type paper

– Whilst both papers have good archival qualities the Olmec product is classified as “Acid neutral”, and the OBA-free Innova paper “Acid free”. The latter is superior.

– There is clearly a difference in weight and therefore feel quality, durability etc.

– Many of the world’s top photographers swear by the Innova paper.

– And finally only the Innova Fibaprint benefits from the Innova technology which has led to its winning a number of TIPA and DIMA awards fior digital fine art and photographic archival papers

Ultimately the choice is yours.