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Printing Fine Art for Pleasure or Profit

Fine art printing is a good source of income – and pleasure.

Innova_photo_Art_Paper_5Professional photographers need more income,  amateurs can make a little too!

There are professional photographic printers and printing bureaux using wide format inkjet printers.  Some are Incartek’s customers as we supply some of the finest digital art papers available (from Innova Art).

However you may feel you cannot justify the investment in wide format printing.  But there is a lot you can do yourself.  This is especially true if you wish to give fast turnaround service and your customers want pictures of size up to A3 (or A3 Plus).

  1. Get yourself a good printer.  The Epson R2400 has been around for years,  But it is still listed by Epson, selling for $1299 – much more than it was in the UK.  This must be a  testimonial to its popularity.  You can buy one for £100 or less on eBay.
  1. Use first class ink. Of course we recommend Ninestar G&G.  Check out the website http://www.incartek.com/incartek-your-ink-toner/cartridges-for-wide-format-epson-printers.html
  1. Use the right paper– and paper is probably the most important element in the whole question.  – The Photo Art and Fine Art ranges from Innova are best.
  1. Use the ICC profiles appropriate to your printer, ink and paper.  Profiles for paper sold by OPUSalbums are available – see http://www.innovaart.com/icc-profiles-1/




Innova Photo Art Papers

Innova paper

Innova has developed the Photo Art Collection of digital photographic papers to allow the photographer the same consistency when producing their creative work, with accurate colour and the high impact expected from today’s digital inkjet printer, on a true archival art paper. Unlike standard photographic media, we unite photography with the artistry of classical natural papers to provide creative freedom for photographers and digital artists alike.

These Photographic products have been specifically designed to address the growing need of the Photographic community and are natural grade, acid free papers, precision coated for Photographic inkjet applications.

Each paper has been developed to enhance the work of a wide variety of artistic styles. Black and white, colour, portraits, landscape, abstract, computer generated and restoration work can be printed with dramatic results.

The Innova collection offers materials that produce classic images and timeless beauty with each photograph. The Photo Line products are readily available in cut sheet and roll format for wide format and desktop printing. Textures range from smooth to matt in bright white and warm colour bases.

Other similar papers include the Photo Rag from Hahenmühle

The double sided smooth cotton high white paper is available from Incartek




Innova Art Textured Papers for Fine art and Digital Photography

fineartpicThe Innova Fine Art Collection offers the artist an avenue to express creativity and beauty in the output by providing a wide range of papers, so you can match the artwork to the paper texture and weight.

But it is not just for fine art. The soft textured papers make the paper ideal for photography where the softer atmosphere is desired. It makes an excellent wedding photo paper, paper for glamour photography and the like. It will bring out the bride at her best. That is why the Innova double sided soft texure natural white paper is used in OPUS albums.

The original art papers have been coated to provide consistent colour reproduction and very wide gamut while maintaining the look and feel that photographic artists expect.

Each material has been specifically developed to produce or reproduce the work, highlighting the creativity the artist originally envisioned. Watercolour, etchings, pastel, acrylic and a wide variety of other traditional techniques can be accurately reproduced as giclees, limited edition prints, restorations, display copies or original output. As this is a wide range of applications, we manufacture a range of papers single side coated. Textures range from rough to smooth in natural white and warm base colours. Cotton canvas and archive grade boards are available, to add further choice to the wide variety of applications that inkjet printing provides.

The Innova papers offer materials that produce classic images and timeless beauty with each print. The Art Line is available for wide format printing in roll sizes of 24 – 60″ (610-1524mm) and cut sheet sizes up to from A4, through A3 and A3+ to A2.

Innova paperIt is a good alternative to Hewlett Packard (HP’s) Aquarelle

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