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Saying ‘Thank-you’ – a way that reflects YOU

As a good photographer, why not send a photo – or a selection or album of photos is a very good way of saying, ‘thank you’.

Here are a few tips on composing delightful pictures of an event


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Follow the rule of thirdsCentered photos are boring. Divide the frame into thirds both vertically and horizontally, and place the center of interest (usually your subject’s eyes) on one of those ‘third lines.’ Indeed most modern cameras will optionally show hairlines in the viewfinder/monitor.

Frame your pictures.

If you’re taking pictures of a distant lake, mountain or building, look for an interesting frame.. Your frampicture5e can be tree branches, rocks, or some other interesting foreground object.

Use Long Zoom when taking Portraits

When shooting portraits, use the longest zoom setting your camera will allow (without using the “digital zoom”). In addition you should use the widest aperture (or the lowest f-stop number). This will put the background in a nice soft focus, drawing your viewer’s eyes right to your smiling subject.

 Avoid Distractions

Look for distractions in the picture. Unfortuntely, your brain naturally filters out litter bins and telegraph poles – but the camera doesn’t. Look out for objects which will draw your viewer’s attention away from your desired center of interest.

Simple things which we all forget.