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Upselling – You’ve done most of the photographic Work – get much more for very little

framed-wedding-pictureIf you are a professional photographer you will know the importance of up-selling. For years for example a wedding album was followed by a number of framed prints of the happy couple. Now there are more opportunities.

Remember you are to some extent in competition with the amateurs who take photos at the wedding. We love these people too. But you, the wedding pohotgrapher,  do not give your clients something different – that these people could not produce – and so different that they are prepared to pay for it, then you have little to offer – except for some better pictures.

Albums are normal – and some can be very expensive.  Then you can have specialist albums for

  • parents
  • best-men and bridesmaids
  • aunts, uncles and cousins
  • business friends
  • neighbours
  • other friends

Mini albums are great for the latter groups – and for everybody there is the photo-accordion.  (From Labelprint in France)

There are several good software tools to help you lay out your albums.  We shall be producing an updated guide in the near future.

At the top end are the professional album design packages, now priced at a level that is suitable even for one specific wedding.



  • Dg Foto Art
  • Lumapix
  • Yervant

A professional I know  said “What took me a day to produce with Photoshop takes an hour with dg Foto Art” .

Finally if you want to produce a scrapbook – with that type of appearance then Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory is our recommendation.  Personally I don’t think it is right for a wedding – but if you want total informality, then it is worth considering.

There are numerous tools to help structured printing – many of these free of charge.  Just Google and try.

A collage of the photos in a wide format print – I use Collage-it

All the best – there is more money for you!